AKA code attic without the dust.

Machine Learning Things

Applying Q-Learning to a custom made FlappyBird simulator. It is surprisingly effective.
Clustering Algorithms Visualization
Visualization of different clustering algorithms in data mining.

3D Things

Tiny 3D Renderer
A tiny 3D renderer created from scratch. I mainly built this to see if the formulas described in lectures were correct and most importantly, to see them in action.
Computer graphics is fun.

More Wacky Projects and Things

Also visit my jsFiddle for extra things to play with.

The Amazing InfoDB
InfoDB lets you search through the entire IMDb database and finds connections between people. Although the exported database is not uploaded due to file size constraints, watch this video demo instead to get an idea of how it works.
Sudoku Solver
A simple and fast Sudoku solver written in C++.
Fancy Chess Game
A chess game that I created for a class.
ASCII Art Creator
Convert images into characters based on color values.
Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table with search and automatic calculations.