So who is this Derek Leung?

Basically, I am a programmer. I make stuff. Stuff that interests me, especially those that can save me time. Many times whenever I encounter something that is tedious I said to myself, "hey, why not make a tool that can help me do my work for me? That would save me so much ti-"... aaand two hours later I am still working on such helper tool. It might seem silly, but what keeps me working on it is that creating things like that not only is it enjoyable, it also helps me learn.

Technical Details

What you are seeing here is a bean machine. In statistics, it is supposed to approximate a normal distribution. Physics made possible by Box2D, ported from C++. The scene is linked to its relative position to the window.

Bringing concepts to life

To many people, things that they learn from a classroom are often concepts to them and they memorize them just to get an "A". To me however, I always like to implement them in real life. Not only the end results look nice, they often provide an opportunity for interactions. I am that kind of person who prefer to get a better understanding of things by interacting with them.

Technical Details

The seemingly natural plant that you are seeing is procedurally generated by a L-System grammar with an angle of 25 degrees. Rule for the generation taken from Wikipedia.